Parrots-R-4Ever Avian Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc.

About Parrots-R-4Ever....

Parrots-R-4Ever is a no-kill rescue shelter and sanctuary organization providing care, rehabilitation and limited adoption services for abused, abandoned, or unwanted exotic pet birds. We are dedicated primarily to the larger parrot species, macaws in particular.

PARS was founded in 2002 as a community resource and formally incorporated in Alabama in 2004 as a non-profit, IRS class 501(c)3  tax exempt charitable organization. We are located in Huntsville, AL. and serve the Huntsville/Madison County area.

We are staffed entirely by skilled volunteers who are themselves experienced bird owners. We are not open to the general public as the presense of strangers stresses many of the birds. However, "official business" visits can be arranged by appointment.

We are funded largely by private donors and corporations, but public donations are welcome. All donations are tax-deductible.